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Supporting the move from paper to electronic format, Suncom provides both high-end and low-end document management systems for all types of organizations. Our consultancy and solutions are scalable, secure, multi-user document management system that supports extensive document management operations. It allows users to manage scanned as well as electronic documents in a single central repository that can be accessed and shared between multiple users, departments, and locations, or the entire enterprise.

Suncom’s digitization dervices and doftware dystems are ideal for information sharing, integration, tracking and auditing tools. Our product suite makes information accessible across the organization, facilitating decision-making for any requests across the chain. Indexing, search and retrieval capabilities, we our proprietary scanning technology to streamline the document scanning process and also provide data "accountability".

Any digitization process requires a clear understanding of the project vision, defining the right strategy, adopting the best practices and selecting an experienced partner.
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Digitization Strategy & Consulting
Digitization Process Definition & Automation
Document Scanning
Content Capturing
Digital Preservation
Access Creation

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