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Suncom Infotech develops and consults cutting edge solutions using the mobile as a platform for various industries, ranging from; Aviation, Automotive, Banking, Consumer Goods, Pharmaceutical, HealthCare, Telecom and Government organizations leveraging SMS, UMS, MMS, WAP. Our development and consultants team engage on Blackberry, Apple (iphone and ipad), Android, Symbian and bespoke OS.

At Suncom we take the initiative to understand your specific requiremenets and build custom solutions around your needs and exisiting platforms, harnessing the power of the mobile technology for your business!
Smart Applications
Sales Force Automation
Mobile Service Force Management
Inventory Tracking and Verification
Logistics Tracking and Fleet Management
Integration with backend ERP software systems
Mobile Product Development and Testing Services
The quickest way to identify a potential mobile solution and a quick return on investment for your business is to find crucial steps to change from paper to data capture. Many enterprises that have converted a paper-based process to an electronic form-based application on a mobile device have seen that their data collection is reduced, more accurate and faster as well as easier to report.

So, if you are interested in converting your Web to Mobile request us a call.

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